Products Developed

  1. Firmware, (Segger Embedded Studio C – Nordic nRF52840) TENS device for Theranova.
  2. Application, (Windows C++) Graphical test application using RS-322 and BLE for Theranova.
  3. Firmware, (STM32F439 – C++) Beacon 3200 Thirty-Two Channel Wall Mount Controller for RKI Instruments.
  4. Application, (Windows C++) Graphical test application using USB and RS-322 for RKI Instruments.
  5. Application, (Windows C++) LCD simulator for RKI Instruments.
  6. Application, (Windows C++) OBID USB and TCP/IP RFID readers for the Clear-View Bar Master.
  7. Application, (Windows C++) OBID USB and TCP/IP RFID readers for the Clear-View Bar Master.
  8. Application, (Windows MFC C++) ADP Pump test fixture using Agilent laser calibrator for Tecan.
  9. Firmware, (MSP430-assembly & C) Speedwell  that reads load cell  and RFID tag for Clear-View.
  10. Application, (Windows C++) displays bottle dispense data from speedwell for Clear-View.
  11. Firmware, (MSP430 assembly & C) motor controllers using TI MSP430F1232 for Wafergen Biosystems.
  12. Application, (Windows C++) reads RFID tags for Rainin.
  13. Application (FileMaker Pro plug-in) reads RFID tags for Rainin.
  14. Firmware, (LPC2368 assembly & C++) light sensor for Wafergen Biosystems.
  15. Application, (Windows Tablet C++) catheter evaluation test fixture for Boston Scientific.
  16. Firmware, (Windows CE 5, SH4 C++) semiconductor automation equipment for Asyst.
  17. Windows, Service (C++), proprietary SSH/SFTP Windows service for bccPrivacy.
  18. Firmware, (Windows CE SH4 C++) modified board support package (BSP) for Asyst.
  19. Firmware (MSP430 assembly & C) Developed VikingProâ„¢ Compact Light Controller for Hydrovation.
  20. Hardware, (Orcad)  SWL-7500 OEM-Grade Controller Laboratory grade laser controller for New Focus.
  21. Firmware (LPC2368 C++) SWL-7500 OEM-Grade Controller with TEC and USB interface  for New Focus,
  22. Application, (Windows C++)  Sets parameters in SWL-7500 OEM-Grade Controllerfor New Focus.
  23. Application, (Windows C++)  Manufacturing calibration and test for SWL-7500 OEM-Grade Controller for New Focus.
  24. Application, (Windows C++) One button installer combining application, multiple third party drivers and custom PC settings for ForteBio .
  25. Firmware (Windows CE, Embedded XP C++) irrigation controller for Hydrovation.
  26. Application, (Windows C++) One button installer combining application, multiple third party drivers and custom PC settings for Arcturus .
  27. Application, DNA Analysis equipment user interface (WinNT,MSVC 4.2, Microsoft MFC).
  28. Firmware (68HC11-assembly & C) dual keyboard for video post production.
  29. Firmware (80386-C) TV listings for set top box.
  30. Application, Project TRAK, (Microsoft MFC, Windows) software to track missing children.
  31. Application, Installs for Netscape and Light Source, (Install Shield 3, Win95, WinNT).
  32. Application, HTTP server, (Microsoft MFC, Win95, WinNT, client-server).
  33. Application, GUI interface to eye operating equipment, (Microsoft MFC, Windows).
  34. Software (Microsoft MFC, Win95, Windows, MSDOS) tools to support MPEG2 PC card.
  35. Software (C-Sun Unix) to interface a high level debugger, VxGdb, to PC.
  36. Application, product support using VoiceView modem, (Microsoft MFC, Win95, client-server).
  37. Application, graphic imaging library, (Microsoft MFC, Windows, WinNT).
  38. Application, video teleconferencing & video codec, (Microsoft MFC, Windows, WinNT).
  39. Application, Ofoto for Windows 2, (Microsoft MFC, Windows) for color scanning of images.
  40. Firmware (68HC11-assembly & C) to control multiple chromatography pumps.
  41. Application (Microsoft C-Windows;MAC-Think C) pump user interface simulators.
  42. Application, Ofoto for Windows 1, (Borland C++, Windows) for gray scale scanning of images.
  43. Application (Microsoft C-Windows) to develop, simulate and debug 8051 assembly code.
  44. Application (Think C-Mac) to stress test Macintosh ADB connector.
  45. Software driver (Think C-Mac) that controls the NEC PC-VCR through the serial port.
  46. Firmware (8051FX-assembly) to control a battery powered golf swing analyzer.
  47. Software (C-Sun) to interface a high level debugger, XRAY, to Weitek’s RISC processor.
  48. Application (MPW-Mac) to communicate using RS-422 to a board that controls VCRs.
  49. Hardware (Orcad) and Firmware (80188-assembly) for control of multiple VCRs.
  50. Software (80386-assembly-MSDOS) for creating a 386 protected mode and virtual tasking OS.
  51. Hardware (Orcad) and Firmware (80188-assembly) for wafer indexer and transport.
  52. Software (C-MSDOS,Apollo) interfacing HP 64700 emulators to XRAY debugger (68000, 80186, Z80).
  53. Software (80386-assembly-MSDOS) for swapping between multiple MSDOS and MS-Windows tasks and the paging of virtual memory.
  54. Firmware (8051-assembly-MSDOS) for battery powered IV pump.
  55. Software TSR (8088-assembly-MSDOS) to configure a peripheral.
  56. Software (8088-assembly-MSDOS) for desk organizer IBM PC product.
  57. Software (8088-assembly-MSDOS) for organizing and editing of presentations for IBM PC.
  58. Firmware (8085-PLM) for chromatography precision pump system.
  59. Digital, analog, and firmware (8048-assembly) for communicating over AC power lines.
  60. Software (Z80-assembler-Oasis) for 8048 cross assembler.
  61. Firmware (8085-PLM) for dynamic speed control of VCRs used in video post production.
  62. Software (PDP 11-Pascal) used for post production editing in commercial broadcast industry.
  63. Firmware (8048-assembly) to autofocus microscope used in high precision measurement.
  64. 1200 baud modem communication software (Z80-C/assembly-MPM).
  65. Prom programmer control software (Z80-C-MPM and Z80-assembly).
  66. Firmware (NSC800-assembly) for real time emulation of CMOS digital circuitry (patent) and (Z80-assembly) for online, real time signature analysis testing of circuitry used in nuclear power safety equipment.
  67. Firmware (Z80-assembly) for tightly coupled serial communication between microprocessors.
  68. Hardware and firmware (8085-assembly) to move semiconductor wafers to DSW.
  69. Firmware (8080-PLM) to control movement and processing of wafers, WaferTrac.
  70. Firmware (8080-assembly) to control the stepper motors used in semiconductor wire bonder.
  71. Software (PDP 11-Fortran/assembly) to control a metropolitan train system, MARTA.