Apple Enterprises specializes in custom software and embedded firmware. I develop the embedded firmware, occasionally the digital hardware, the PC control application, the manufacturing and calibration application, and even the installer.

I take a concept and make it a product.

Chris Apple

13749 Lexington Ct

Saratoga, CA 95070

(408) 888-5417

Only a few times in your career do you come across engineers that can create a masterpiece when given a blank canvas and some obscure tools. Chris is one of these. In the face of incredible ambiguity, Chris championed both our firmware and our system architecture, and built them with incredible resolve.

Naya Health

Chris was brought on to build production firmware for a medium complexity machine tool, including motion control, firmware deployment, sensing and communications. All of the low level functionality and interfaces. He created a well abstracted, thought out, and maintainable system with clear intent and clear interfaces. Basically everything you could ask for from a firmware system. He was transparent, clear and exceedingly diligent throughout the entire process, and worked with all involved easily, building and replicating failure and test cases with clarity and rigor.

Resharp Technology at The Hillman Group

During the time that we worked together at Ciphergen, Chris always exceeded my expectations. He not only got the difficult assignments done on time, he enjoyed the challenge and helped us to meet some impossible deadlines. He is someone that you want on your team.

Rose Garden Software

I contracted Chris to help productize our nework management system on Windows, dealing with integration and install issues. He learned our development environment and requirements very quickly and completed the work well within schedule, leading to successful product introduction and sustaining work.


Highly qualified, very efficient, good work output, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend him.

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King Design Associates


Apple Enterprises was founded in 1981 and specializes in embedded firmware, control software and application software. I have developed more than 50 biotech, medical, industrial controls, semiconductor equipment, video post production and consumer products over the last 30 years for 25 different companies..

I graduated from UC Berkeley with an EECS degree in 1975 after spending 2 years in the US Marine Corps. I am a member of PATCA, IEEE CNSV, IEEE, LinkedIn and a former board member of UC Berkeley Engineering Alumni Society (EAS). I host the South Bay Cal Engineering Alumni meetings.

Recent products include Windows manufacturing test fixtures applications, MPS430 bottle dispensing monitor, LPC2368 light sensor, MPS430 motor control,  RFID tag reader applications, MSP430 electronic pipette, LPC2368 laboratory grade laser controller, MSP430 low voltage light controller, mass spectrometer for protein analysis, semiconductor capital equipment and a Windows CE BSP. Recent clients have included Tecan, Boston Scientific, Clear-View Technologies, Wafergen Biosystems,  Rainin Instruments, Asyst Technologies, New Focus, Ciphergen Biosystems, and Hydrovation.

Technical Strengths

  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Proposals, functional specifications, man power and cost estimates
  • High level product architectural design - software and hardware
  • Hardware/software tradeoffs, computer language selection
  • Design of multi-processor hardware, software and firmware
  • Design of real time, multi-tasking, interrupt and event driven operating systems
  • Top down, modular, structured software design
  • Well organized, maintainable, and documented software code
  • Microprocessor and digital hardware design
  • Expertise in motion control (PID and micro stepping), battery powered, lasers, pumps, set tops and developing software tools.
  • Languages: C, C++, Assembly, Java, Basic, XML, MFC.
  • Microcontrollers: MSP430, LPC2300/2400, SH4, ARM, MCF5206E, VIA, 68HC11, x86 and 8051.
  • Tools: Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 6, IntelliJ, Windows CE, XP Embedded, IAR IDE and Keil IDE.
  • Operating Systems: custom, Windows, UNIX, ThreadX, Windows CE and XP Embedded.
  • Peripheral interfaces: USB, Ethernet, I2C, SPI, JTAG, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, RFID, etc.
  • Sensors: temperature, TEC, pressure, machine vision, sensor signal conditioning and analog-to-digital converters (DACs, ADCs and oversampling ADCs).
  • Networks and web: TCP/IP, ASP, SOAP, Information Interchange Server (IIS), and Sockets.
  • Windows drivers, services, DLLs, and Windows CE BSPs.

Product Development Overview

Developed BioTech products: Mass spectrometer for Ciphergen and GeneTrace; motor control and light calibrator for Wafergen Biosystems, calibration tools for the Arcturus Laser Microdissection and Laser Capture Instrument; electronic pipettes for Rainin Instrument (patent)..

Developed manufacturing test fixtures for Tecan, Boston Scientific and Rainin Instruments.

Developed software tools: MPEG2 tools for Hyundai; VxGdb interface-Sun to PC for Hyundai; 386 operating system and debugger for Digital F/X; Emulator interfaces for Microtec Research's XRAY debugger.

Designed embedded microprocessor products for: General Electric in nuclear power safety equipment (patent); Pinnacle Systems, Digital F/X and CMX in commercial broadcast equipment; Asyst, Compumetric and GCA in semiconductor capital equipment; Rainin, Eldex and Critikon (Johnson and Johnson) in pumps.

Success indicator - many products for same company: 4 products for New Focus, 5 products for Rainin, 4 products for Light Source, 3 products for GE, 3 products for Digital F/X, 2 products for CMX, 3 products for Compumetric and many products for Microtec Research.

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